After eighteen months of dragging his heels, requesting divorce court delays and making his lawyer grill his estranged wife Kim Kardashian on a bunch of nonsense, Kris Humphries is now officially divorced and once again “happy” to be able to have a carefree “good time”. After all, it must have been pretty stressful to deal with all that self-created drama he put himself through by refusing to sign divorce papers when they were first drafted eighteen months ago.

In an interview with US Weekly, Humphries also admitted he’s not currently dating anyone important and is trying to focus his efforts on working out and improving his basketball game. That’s probably good policy considering his year to year scoring average fell off a cliff last season, as evidenced in the following chart, pictured courtesy of ESPN

Kris Humphries Scoring Averages

This is what people don’t understand about going to court. Wrestling more money out of an estranged spouse or potentially winning a lawsuit might sound like things that would make a person happy, but the incredible stress associated with such legal action can often bleed into every other aspect of a person’s life. The Nets paid Humphries $12 million last year, and during the playoffs, he didn’t even average 12 minutes a game. Consequently, it’s not surprising he’s beyond happy to be done with this wretched legal action. That being said, it’s still hard to feel any sympathy for him considering Kim wanted to amicably part immediately, and he dug his heels in like a pissed off fifth grader hellbent on making sure recess is ruined for every last person.

With Kim now preggers and ready to settle down with new boyfriend Kanye West and Humphries still career-focused and not looking for a girlfriend, it’s very clear these former spouses went in exact opposite directions. Hopefully, with time to reflect, both parties will remain happy with the varying fork they chose.

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