Over the past few weeks, Indonesian authorities have gone back-and-forth as to whether they’d allow Lady Gaga to move forward with her scheduled concert in Jakarta. After protests from a small but vocal minority accused her of being a devil, the government decided not to issue a permit. When her fans angrily responded, it was announced the show could potentially move forward if she’d tone down a bit of the racier content. Now, it appears no deal will ever be struck.

According to The Daily Mail, Gaga herself has pulled the plug on the June 3 date thanks to a series of violent threats. One protest group reportedly bought one hundred and fifty tickets to the gig and announced it would stop her from performing inside the venue. The group overtly said it would not harm any audience members, but in the end, that potentially chaos just didn’t seem worth it to the “Born This Way” singer.

All purchased tickets will be refunded in full by organizers, but the saved money will likely do nothing to stem the anger of furious fans, some of who think the government caved to extremists instead of defending free speech.

Over the last decade, Indonesia has seen sweeping advancements in freedom. Free elections are held. The press is thriving. In many ways, the country is very open, but religion is still extremely important to a majority of citizens. Whether or not this is a step back will be something residents will need to decide moving forward.

Until then, Gaga’s Little Monsters will need to fly somewhere else to see their idol perform.

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