LaToya Jackson has made some wild claims over the years. She's accused her father Joe of abusing and molesting her. She's accused her ex-husband of manipulating her. She once even called a press conference to admit she thought her brother Michael had in fact touched little children. Today, she's still as angry and aggressive toward her ex-husband Jack Gordon, but her mood has greatly softened toward her father Joe and her brother Michael. Neither ever did any wrong in her eyes, but that charitable attitude certainly doesn't extend to either man's inner circle.

Speaking in an interview on the Today Show, LaToya Jackson told host Matt Lauer that her brother lived in fear that he'd be murdered so others could grab hold of his exhaustive music catalog. The legendary pop star owned both his own songs and a slew of other major recordings by some of the most famous musicians in history. The former Celebrity Apprentice star says she didn't believe Michael's claims at first but slowly started coming around as she saw the evidence for herself. Who exactly these people were and whether they were the ones who killed the pop star aren't questions LaToya is willing to answer, but she is willing to say she's convinced a lot more people were involved in what happened than just Dr. Conrad Murray, who she refers to as a “fall guy”. You can read all about these allegations in her new book Starting Over. Don't expect any concrete details, but Jackson claims if you read through the lines, it'll all be clear.

I'm still not sure what she means. Matt Lauer's definitely not sure what she means, but maybe you can make more sense of it by watching this clip from The Today Show

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