Levi Johnston, best known as the father of Bristol Palin’s son Tripp, became a daddy for the second time this morning after his new girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby, gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The newborn reportedly weighed in at a reasonable six pounds, fifteen ounces and measured nineteen inches long. Given the name her parents picked out for her, however, no one will remember any of those facts tomorrow.

According to TMZ, Levi and Sunny have written Breeze Beretta Johnston on the birth certificate. The couple announced their child would be named after the famous gun manufacturer a few months ago, but a healthy percentage of observers including this writer, assumed someone would talk them out of it by then. Turns out that didn’t happen, and Breeze will start life as the favorite to win the women’s Olympic Biathlon in 2034.

Oglesby told The Huffington Post she got pregnant because she and Levi rented a cabin for four days and forgot to bring birth control. After the initial frustration of the positive test results wore off, however, the parents really embraced the idea of starting a family. Thus far, there have been no signs of a potential marriage, but if the two do decide to tie the knot, no one would be happier than the Palin family who have long fretted over the possibility of Johnston having more children with different mothers.

Pop Blend sends out its thoughts to Sunny and Levi as they take on the responsibility of a child. Here’s to hoping they offer the little girl everything she deserves.

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