And you thought the Jackson Family couldn't get their acts together. Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher has filed a lawsuit against his own brother, principal Oasis songwriter Noel Gallagher, over a two year old accusation of drunkenness. The band was scheduled to perform at the 2009 V Music Festival but pulled out. Noel later claimed the no show was because of his brother's hangover, and now, yes now, Liam wants him to pay for that slanderous statement.

He thinks the whole incident amounted to slander against his professionalism, and he has a doctor's note to prove he actually had laryngitis. Comical as that may seem, there's also a giant hole in his story. The Sun has published a photograph of Liam raising a glass of Guinness to the sky alongside a swarm of fans just hours before Oasis was set to take the stage. I'm not the doctor who said Liam was unfit to perform, but it seems like having even one beer with a documented throat illness would be bad policy. Besides, I know people who forged doctor's slips to get air conditioning in college. If they can do it, I'm pretty sure a world renowned singer trying to uphold his good name could find a medical professional willing to retrospectively clear him.

Who knows? Maybe Liam really was sick. It seems dubious in light of the picture, but regardless, like the rest of the world, I wish the Gallagher brothers could put away their differences and make music. If that means Noel sucks it up and apologizes over something that wasn't his fault, so be it. That's part of being a family.

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