Back in 2009, Lil Wayne was supposed to play a concert in the Bahamas. It never happened. As a result, Red City Entertainment lost more than four hundred thousand dollars in fronted expenses. In response, the company filed a lawsuit against the rapper to reclaim the loot. Three years later, the matter still isn’t settled, but we now know exactly what each side is claiming.

According to TMZ, Red City Entertainment is alleging the concert was cancelled as a direct result of Lil Wayne’s misbehavior. The company claims the rapper missed his starting time and was later discovered by police unconscious in his hotel room. Lil Wayne argues otherwise however. He thinks the concert was called off because of faulty lighting or bad sound or something technical. Whatever the reason, he knows it wasn’t from drunkenness and thus, shouldn’t be held responsible.

It would be easy to chastise Lil Wayne here for not remembering what actually happened, but this mess occurred three years ago. I can see how prior cancellations would have a way of running together. Still, if Red City Entertainment can track down the officers it says found the musician unconscious, then it’ll probably win this case. I can’t imagine a judge not taking the word of neutral authorities.

Luckily for Lil Wayne, he’s still a pretty popular musician; so, I’m sure he can add in a few extra dates somewhere in the future to pay the bill if he ends up on the hook for it.

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