Lindsay Lohan hasn’t commented publically on the charges she’s reportedly facing from the Santa Monica City Attorney, but if her interactions with friends are any indication, she’s probably going to plead not guilty. In the past twenty-four hours, the actress has reportedly been telling those closest to her that this entire case is nothing more than a byproduct of a vendetta the police have against her.

According to TMZ, Lohan is still denying she was the person driving the rented black Porsche when it crashed into the back of a truck. At the time, she told police her assistant was behind the wheel, but numerous witnesses reportedly told a different story. After a lengthy investigation, the powers that be in Santa Monica decided to hit her with the lying to police charge, and now, the misdemeanor could potentially trigger a probation violation that could land her in jail.

Of course, everything is in the preliminary stages at this point. Neither Lindsay nor her attorney has announced how she’ll plead, and you can bet Shawn Holley will weigh all pros and cons and play all the angles before her client officially moves forward. One wrong move and Judge Stephanie Sautner will definitely send her to jail.

Regardless of what happens with this case, here's to hoping Lindsay gets her shit together and stays out of the news for awhile. There are plenty of people a hell of a lot more famous than her that manage to go entire decades without being charged with a crime.

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