A Day In The Life is a new series on Hulu that explores the lives of an array of fascinating individuals who have had a prominent affect on society. These people include the eccentric billionaire Richard Branson, cultural class satirist Russell Peters and prolific rapper Will.i.am. The project is headed by documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, who is famous for movies like Super Size Me and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and is doing exactly what the name so bluntly implies, showing audiences an “intimate, first-hand account” of one day in the life of these people.

Most recently, Spurlock added mashup artist Gregg Gills, aka Girl Talk, to his roster. Introducing fans to how Gregg occupies his time before a concert, specifically cataloging his rituals before this year’s Hang Out festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama, this episode also explains his rise to fame. You can watch the 22 minute short, A Day In The Life, below:

Any fan of Girl Talk knows that the humble artist began his career in Pittsburgh as a working electronic artist. But, did you know that he was a tissue engineer before making it big? We didn’t. In 2007, Gills ended his career as an engineer to concentrate full time on his art. Even though his work load, concerts, and overall output is very impressive, I can assure you that being a tissue engineer is tougher than any position you or I will likely get into. I guess that explains why Gregg is a humble person who hasn’t let the quick rise to fame get to his head. It also explains why his music is far superior to any other in the scene; because it takes a person of superior intelligence to study, then subsequently work in a field like engineering. Then again, it also takes a person of superior determination to give up a career like that for the arts.

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