Megan Fox’s personal life might generate a lot of headlines, but that doesn’t mean she’s a woman who actively courts the media. In fact, more often than not, she refuses to comment on whatever rumors, either true or false, are floating around the Internet. Her current pregnancy would be a good example of that. For months, whispers about an impending baby came at her from every conceivable angle, but time-after-time, outlets were forced to rely on the always shady unnamed sources to get some vague semblance of confirmation.

As of press time, she and husband Brian Austin Green still haven’t let their publicist divulge the happy news, but thanks to some pictures of their trip to Hawaii, there’s no point in playing coy anymore. People was able to get its hands on some shots taken while on the island, and Fox is clearly very pregnant. Her stomach is distended, and Brian is almost caressing it. There’s no word on whether this was a happy accident or a well-conceived plan to just get the confirmation out of the way without having to talk about it, but either way, it’ll probably be nice not to have to answer are-you-or-aren’t-you questions anymore.

Green has one ten-year-old child from a previous relationship that Fox has helped raise. Having a baby will definitely be a different experience for her, but she should be able to apply some of the concepts of patience and love she’s already learned. Pop Blend wishes the couple nothing but the best as they get ready for the biggest responsibility of their lives.

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