Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael was arrested earlier this week for supposedly getting physical with his on-again-off-again fiancé. During his brief incarceration, the fifty-one year old was hit with a suit from his ex-wife claiming he hadn’t lived up to his child support obligations. Now, less than a day after getting his freedom back, Lohan was arrested again amidst the most ludicrous of circumstances.

Apparently, the celebrity dad called and harassed Major on the phone for filing charges against him. She informed the police who drove over to take a statement. While there, Lohan called back and said enough to be considered a threat. Authorities went to his Tampa Hotel to place him under arrest, but according to TMZ, all hell broke loose. After spotting the authorities, he reportedly jumped off a third story balcony, plunging more than thirty feet onto some wooden chairs. He hobbled behind a tree, but police officers won that game of hide and seek quickly. His injuries were severe enough that he was taken to a local hospital, but upon release, he was escorted back to the same jail he’d recently vacated.

How the hell can someone get up to this much nonsense within a day of being released from jail? If you believe the Tampa Police Department, drugs and alcohol helped. They’ve publicly said both were involved in the altercation that went down.

With several strikes against him, it would be shocking if Lohan didn’t spend a solid chunk of time in jail. Cops don’t like having to chase anyone, let alone an idiot they just released hours before.

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