The video of Ella Mae singing Elvis’ “An American Trilogy” is precious. It’s adorable, cute, heartwarming, and all the things that make sharing videos on YouTube glorious. The nearly six minute video of a car ride with a 20 month old little girl is the most wonderful and delightful thing since “David After Dentist.” In fact, this might be more heartwarming as the David video is just charming in its portrayal of a poor kid experiencing the aftereffects of anesthesia.

Nowadays these videos are popping up at about the same rate as the horrible “memes” on Facebook. Those things are an atrocity that should be snuffed out, especially as they’ve bastardised what Richard Dawkins meant when he coined the term. Too often these videos are not funny, and not in the least bit charming. But watching little Ella exclaim, “DADDY!” as she raises her hands high in the air is too cute for any normal person to handle. In fact, if you are weak to the ways of cute children you may want to do some deep breathing before watching this video.

Ella’s excitement at seeing her daddy is infectious. Initially as the video began and I noticed it’s relatively long length -- anything more than 3 minutes is a strain on you patience, no matter how good the video -- I worried this would be a cute girl making noises and being, well adorable, for a few minutes. Then things would get old, I’d nod and agree with everyone about the cuteness, but shut off the video and move on with my life. In particular, I’d return to getting caught up on my Daily Show.

Then the song kicks in, and Ella kind of mumble sings. Then she starts belting out the parts, and headbanging to the beat. I’m sorry, Matthew Perren, but it might be the best lip syncing/karaoke video out there. it’s all so perfect as you laugh and enjoy the show.

Even this change in course gets a bit tired, and once again you’re ready to tune out and move on. Then things get quiet. And Ella informs you that it’s time to, “Get ready!” Her little arm goes up and she keeps the beat as she brings the song home. It couldn’t have flowed any better if it’d been written and acted. Usually you can’t stomach to watch a video on YouTube with no narrative for this long, but little Ella keeps you ensnared. She might have what “it” is as a natural course of being. At the very least, you’ll get a few minutes of pure enjoyment from the video.

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