Mitt Romney passed the one million follower mark on Twitter yesterday, though whether or not that’s a worthy achievement or an embarrassment depends on who you talk to. The former Massachusetts governor currently sits at about twenty thousand over the attention-grabbing number as of press time. Unfortunately for him, his opponent is rapidly approaching twenty million.

The Romney campaign celebrated the achievement with a pretty understated tweet marking the accomplishment, likely because organizers didn’t want to draw widespread comparisons between Mitt and Barack Obama’s social media presences. Here’s a look at the campaign’s official comment…
”1 million active followers – thanks everyone for your support. Help us keep the momentum going.”

Most polls and analyses of the electoral college favor Obama to win the upcoming election in November, but the relatively narrow margin predicted in those studies and the disparity in Twitter followers couldn’t be wider. So, the question is—what the hell gives? Well, more than likely, two issues are in play here.

First, Obama’s campaign is way better at social media. Not only does the President’s account tweet more, it retweets more alternate sources and does wacky things like send out beer recipes. Romney’s account is normally pretty dry and stays on topic more often. Second, the most active people on Twitter tend to be young people, and far more young people support Obama than Romney. Thus, because of the President’s superior social media campaign and the ease of getting support from young people, it’s not altogether shocking he has way more followers. Almost twenty-to-one, however, is still a crazy number.

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