During the late 1990s and early 2000s, baseball was very hands-off when it came to players using performance enhancing drugs. Provided the illegal activity wasn’t being rubbed in anyone’s face, there was a good chance the users could get away with it. After records began to be broken and rumors about percentages of players using went public, however, the general public started to loudly clamor for change, and now, commissioner Bud Selig is very much on the lookout for cheaters. Over the past few years, he’s suspended quite a few, but thanks to cooperation of Tony Bosch, the league may be ready to lay down the law with about twenty or so current players.

For years, Bosch ran a clinic in South Florida called Biogenesis. Through it, he and other employees are suspected of funneling performance enhancing drugs to numerous players. After a lengthy investigation, the league was able to get its hands on documents with the names of about twenty players. According to ESPN, there are way more written in codes. Now that Bosch has agreed to meet with investigators and cooperate, he will likely prove to be the evidence Selig and company need to hit all the athletes with at least 100 game suspensions.

A full list of players is expected to eventually be made public. When that happens, sources close to the situation are saying Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Bruan’s names will be on the list. The latter, of course, was previously suspended for doping but was able to twist his way out of it by claiming the sample collector waited too long to drop the substance in the mail.

We should get a ton more information about this case within the next few weeks; so, we’ll keep you updated.

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