When choosing a wedding photographer, engaged couples are typically most concerned with price and quality. That makes sense considering how many decades couples (who stay together) display the pictures for and how expensive the other elements of the ceremony can run, but apparently, there’s a third factor couples should take into consideration when interviewing shutterbugs: the security of their studios.

Earlier this month, Claire Marshall and Mike Messenger tied the knot in a lovely ceremony in Seattle, Washington. For the occasion, they procured professional photographer Julianna Rennard. She took all the goofy, loveable and touching snapshots one would expect and returned to her studio to begin the long process of cropping, editing and compiling all the special moments for the happy couple. Unfortunately, an unknown thief broke into said studio several days after and snuck away with all of the valuables, which just so happened to include the memory cards contains poor Claire and Mike’s pictures.

In the days since, friends and family members of the couple have sent along all of the photographs they took to try and offer the newlyweds something, but obviously, it doesn’t feel the same as looking through the professional lens at all of the incredible, unique moments.

Here’s what the mother of the bride told local station King 5
“Those cards mean nothing to whoever has them, and they mean everything to us. I didn’t believe it, because of all the disasters you could think of happening at a wedding, this one never occurred to me.”

There are a certain percentage of thieves who will mail back wallets, driver’s licenses and pictures after they’ve taken out all the money and credit cards. One would hope this unnamed thief would follow that same protocol here, but it’s possible he never even realized how important the memory cards could be. He may have ditched them immediately and just held onto the camera equipment, in which case everyone involved would be out of luck.

If nothing else, this story is a great example of how many unintended consequences a theft can have. Some might brush it off by saying insurance will simply cover the loss, but insurance companies can’t replace piece of mind or sentimental possessions.

Regardless, Claire and Mike got married, are in love with each other and clearly have the support of friends and family members. Here’s to hoping they remain focused on that.

You can check out a news story about the incident below…

Photo Credit: Shutterstock/ Andrey_Popov

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