I’m quite partial to celebrities who handle their personal lives professionally and sometimes, covertly. When Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split, for instance, the couple spoke out about a their divorce being “a painful time” and asked to move forward with privacy. As professional as the couple’s joint statement is, it doesn’t beat the intrigue of capably hiding your separation from the media for two years.

Actress Jessica Lange and playwright Sam Shepard broke up nearly two years ago. If you didn’t hear about this, you didn't miss anything. The couple actually managed to stay out of the public eye post-separation for many, many months before People came up with the news. Lange and Shepard were married back in 1982 and would have been fairly close to their 30 Anniversary when they decided to live separately from one another.

The news may have recently come to light because Lange has found some success on FX’s American Horror Story. Between 2007 and 2011, Lange was mostly out of the TV spotlight, pursuing only a few small roles in TV movies Grey Gardens and Sybil. Her recent reintroduction on to popular TV and her even more recent Golden Globe nomination may have renewed interest in her personal life. Or maybe the couple was just taking some time before they let the cat out of the bag. Either way, it was probably less stressful to get through an unpleasant time in their lives without too many prying eyes. Here’s to hoping all eyes will be on Lange during the Golden Globes. Fingers crossed the event will provide a much fonder memory.

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