For a little while it seemed like the British pop band One Direction would have to face a fork in the road. After making it across the pond and bringing their big hit “What Makes You Beautiful” with them, the group came across a bit of trouble. Apparently, in the U.S. there was already a band called One Direction and they did not enjoy the British band's arrival one bit. While the U.S. band did not enjoy nearly the same success as the London band, there was still some turf encroaching to discuss. Discuss the two parties did, and now it seems the U.K. boys will get to keep their name and the U.S. boys have earned a nice chunk of money.

The lawsuit was filed back in April, so it took a little time to come to an agreement, however, E! is reporting that on Tuesday the American band filed a dismissal, having settled out with the more popular group. The band’s lawyer, Peter Ross, say the American group is “very pleased” with the way things panned out.

While the American band is clearly full of douchebags given the opportunity to capitalize on a strange naming coincidence, they definitely had an upper hand in the deal. Can you imagine if the British lads continued going by One Direction anytime they were overseas but had to go by a different name here? They would have to call themselves, Two Directions, which, if you think about it, would have been pretty fitting.

At least the whole thing was settled before One Direction’s newest album drops on November 13.

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