This was probably the perfect week to remind people of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” video, but if you haven’t heard that gem of a song, you have probably been living under a rock and are not reading this column today, anyway. Instead, I’ll give you some British boys with perfectly styled hair and better-than-Bieber smiles. The One Direction boys have a new music video, folks.

“Live Like We’re Young” is as exuberant as the title estimates, a song about five boys going camping with their friends. Soccer balls, squirt guns, instruments, and water frolicking are as predominant as the tent-covered landscape in Vaughan Arnell’s video, and the guys seem to be having plenty of fun. The party is so excellent, it lasts through the nighttime (thus the lyric “Crazy, crazy, crazy til we see the sun”). Either the boys are really good actors, or music video shooting is a blast. Did I mention there’s a trampoline at one point?

“Live Like We’re Young” is the first single off of One Direction’s upcoming sophomore album. Called Take Me Home, the album debuts on November 12, giving parents plenty of time to nab one of those suckers for their children’s stocking stuffers. Until then, you can catch the video and dream of taking nighttime penalty kicks under pink trees. It’s really the only way to throw a party.

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