OK Go has always been one for over-the-top music ideas. From coordinated treadmill routines to a multitude of Rube Goldberg devices, the band’s videos are always worth a watch, even for people who aren’t huge fans of their music. For those of who do enjoy the band, getting a new OK Go video is like getting two presents at once, and the band’s latest endeavor is no exception.

OK Go's newest music video endeavor is "Skyscrapers," a track off of the pop rock 2010 album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky “Skyscrapers” features a fairly simple video premise, at least when compared with the band’s other popular tracks, including “Here it Goes Again,” and “This too Shall Pass.” In the video, director Trish Sie and her dancing partner Moti Buchboot tango their way through some colorful scenescapes, switching costumes nearly as often as they move their nimble feat. The song itself is slow and memorable, mostly due to Damian Kulash’s vocals reaching some pretty high notes. But don’t take my word for it: catch the visual treat and decide for yourself.

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