Pippa Middleton shot to the world’s attention when she served as a smoking hot bridesmaid at her sister Kate’s star-studded wedding to future King of England Prince William. Now, if the latest whispers are to be believed, she might be preparing to serve as a smoking hot bride at her own wedding. Rumors are swirling that the twenty-nine-year-old and her stockbroker boyfriend Nico Jackson got engaged just prior to attending Wimbledon together a few months back.

British newspaper The Mirror, which isn’t exactly The Wall Street Journal, claims to have heard from several sources close to the couple that they will soon announce the engagement formally, possibly at or immediately after Pippa’s upcoming thirtieth birthday celebration on Friday. If that’s true, it would no doubt to create an incredible number of headlines, but right now, that’s still a very big if.

For one thing, Pippa and Nico have barely been dating six months. So, if they got engaged before Wimbledon, that would mean he popped the question just three or four months after they first started dating. That’s not entirely unheard of. Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom got engaged just weeks after they met for the first time, but in general, most people like to slowly make their way into the water to get comfortable, as opposed to simply diving in headfirst.

As for why the supposed engagement hasn’t been announced yet, sources close to the situation told the outlet Pippa was unwilling to take the spotlight off of her sister Kate who just became a mother for the first time. Like everything in Duchess Catherine’s life, Pippa knew her own engagement would bring with it big headlines, and she supposedly didn’t want to overshadow. That sounds believable enough, but it still doesn’t mean the rumor is true. In fact, this one definitely shouldn’t be believed until there is some kind of formal announcement.

We’ll let you know if this progresses past chatter and turns into a real thing you should start thinking about. Until then, feel free to expend energy imagining how magical Pippa will look in a wedding dress.

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