Punk singer Exene Cervenka is set to release a never-before-seen film featuring a comedic performance by Kevin Costner - almost 25 years after it was filmed.

Cervenka, from the band X, and music video director Modi Frank shot and produced a 20-minute cowboy satire Bad Day in 1986, but the cult film has yet to be released to the public.

The movie features legendary X frontman John Doe, Grammy winner Dave Alvin, Oscar-winning writer Michael Blake and a then-unknown Costner. And now the film is finally available as a digital download on website baddaymovie.com, as part of Cervenka's efforts to raise money for victims of the oil spill in America's Gulf Coast region.

Viewers can name their own price to view the movie and a portion of the proceeds will go to Louisiana charity Committee for Plaquemines Recovery (CPR).

Explaining the inspiration behind the move, Cervenka tells UsMagazine.com: "I have friends in New Orleans, and they're directly affected by the disaster because they're breathing in this toxic air every day and their businesses are suffering. They have to live knowing that their way of life has been compromised maybe... well, for years..."

"We chose CPR because they do directly help people, the money goes straightaway to people and that's a prerequisite for me. The Gulf situation is the most dire situation in the country right now. There's so many people that need help. We could've picked something else and it would've been just as important, but I think that right now that's the area of the country that needs the most focus and the most help." (JMA/WNWCUW/MT)

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