Queen Elizabeth has landed in the hospital on Sunday, thanks to a bit of a stomach bug. The well-liked 86-year-old monarch apparently has been sick for several days and has been taken to the hospital for “precautionary measures.”

The Queen actually fell ill on Friday night, but assumedly when she first fell sick, it didn’t seem to be anything to worry about. However, as symptoms worsened, it was decided that Queen Elizabeth should head to the hospital, just in case. BBC News is reporting the monarch was driven in a private car to King Edward VII Hospital in London during the day on Sunday. Unfortunately, while the Queen is expected to recover, her schedule has been cleared for this coming week, with some engagements cancelled and others postponed.

The Queen has been diagnosed with gastroenteritis, otherwise known as the stomach flu, a disease which, while uncomfortable, isn’t typically a serious problem. However, as people age problems they could have recovered from quickly when they were younger are often not so easy to shake. A spokesman for Queen Elizabeth says she was in good spirits when she was taken to the London hospital. She is expected to stay in the hospital for two days of treatment before returning home. We’ll keep you updated on the Queen’s status. Hopefully, with a little luck, she won’t unfortunately succumb to chickenpox, like poor Barbara Walters did only recently. Pop Blend would like to wish her the best as she recovers.

Photo [email protected] Press Association

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