The history of music is littered with one hit wonders. For every band with multiple, multi-platinum albums, there's a dozen who came, saw, conquered and abruptly dropped back into irrelevancy. It's hard to maintain longevity, especially when you're known for a novelty. Apart from Weird Al Yankovic, Tenacious D and a select few others, nearly every musician made popular through laughter has found repeating that success nearly impossible, but damnit if they don't still try.

Internet sensation Rebecca Black has announced she's set to debut her follow-up single a week from today. The track will go live on the artist's YouTube Channel on July 18th at 8 PM EST, to be followed by an iTunes for-sale release the following day. It's called “My Moment”, and its video will portray the singer's meteoric rise to fame.

I'm not always the first to be up on viral videos. I was at least a year behind on Bubb Rubb and a few weeks late on The Food Critic, but I am proud to say I was all over Rebecca Black before any of my friends. I'd like to think I was responsible for at least ten thousand of her one hundred thirty-seven million “It's Friday” hits through a bombardment of emails and text messages. Unfortunately, there's no way to scientifically prove that wild claim. Best just let it go and prepare for the next sensation, which if Rebecca Black has her way, will be “My Moment”. We'll see.

Check back a week from now for a full analysis of this impending trainwreck.

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