Reese Witherspoon might be willing to joke about her pregnancy appetite, but that doesn’t mean she’s excited about getting into specifics about the baby she’s carrying. That’s the message to take away from this weekend after the actress attended an event thrown by the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago and dodged, ducked and dived around a majority of the questions concerning her third child who is expected this fall.

The ceremony in question was entitled An Evening With Reese Witherspoon, and the Q&A reportedly began with a reporter praising her dress and the actress admitting it made her feel “round”. From Chicago deep dish pizza to blossoming appetites, the conversation wound up touching on plenty of pregnancy subjects, but according to The Chicago Sun-Times, Witherspoon still cleverly managed to avoid divulging any of the more obvious answers babies aficionados care about including the sex and name possibilities.

Having been through two pregnancies before, Witherspoon is an old hat by now at answering these questions. I’m sure she and her husband decided ahead of time to stay mum. Still though, that doesn’t mean part of me doesn’t wish she’d screwed up and given us every single tidbit.

Witherspoon is getting ready to finish up the shoot for Devil’s Knot. Once production wraps, she’ll head home for a much needed rest to prepare for the newest member of her family. Pop Blend wishes her nothing but the best in the coming months.

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