It's easy to forget that the movie Water for Elephants ever happened, given that it was a so-so adaptation of an already mediocre book, and that it made just $58 million domestically, a mere fraction of what the Twilight movies regularly pull in. But the legacy of Water for Elephants lives on in one very specific, very personal way: a friendship between Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon that makes it easier to get through tough times.

Don't worry, there are no rumors about the two of them getting together-- given that Witherspoon just got married last year, that would be a little nuts. Instead Witherspoon is lending a hand to Pattinson as he recovers from a nasty breakup with some real estate: People reports that Pattinson is staying in Witherspoon's vacation house while he and Kristen Stewart make arrangements to move out of the house they shared together in Los Angeles. The breakup, as you surely know by now, comes after photos emerged of Stewart covertly making out with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

Staying in your friend's vacation home while you deal with a breakup is a whole lot better than crashing on someone's couch, which is what you generally have to do when you're a normal human recovering from a breakup. And I actually like the idea that Pattinson and Witherspoon became close enough making Water for Elephants to pull off this kind of arrangement-- they've both always seemed like pretty decent people who would get along. Most of the details of this breakup are just sad and overly personal, but this is one story that seems nothing but cheering.

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