The United States government has struck out for the second - or is this the third time in a my-baseball-bat-is-bigger-than-your-bat-case? The government continues to waste our money in cases like the Roger Clemens trial, only to come up short in both this and the Barry Bonds case that finished up earlier this year. Judge Reggie Walton just declared a mistrial in the Roger Clemens case because the jury was able to see written comments from a member of the House of Representatives about the steroids case against Clemens in 2008.

The LA Times was among the first to break the news, in which the judge placed the potential restart date of this trial to early September. Whether or not the government will have the gumption to go through with it remains to be seen; but in a faltering economy, they will not receive any public support in this matter. There is something about blowing millions of dollars on a case that means very little to the American population that just doesn’t sit well with us as a people.

Perhaps this will end the madness that has surrounded these ludicrous cases from day one. This isn’t about justice, this is about the government trying to show that they’re the boss, and they won’t take nothing from nobody -- you know, expect rich executives and celebrities that fund their campaigns. Someone get Bud Selig to write a few checks so we don’t have to deal with this kind of nonsense any longer.

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