Looks like fifty-two year old former Sex Pistols lead singer Johnny Rotten still has some punch left in his fists and hate in heart. Information on what exactly when down is still a little hazy but a fight broke out between Rotten, real name John Lydon, a few members of his entourage and Bloc Party lead singer Kele Okereke backstage Saturday at the Summercase Festival in Spain.

According to Billboard, Okereke described the brouhaha as “an unprovoked racist attack.” The frontman had sought Rotten out to ask him about rumors of a possible Public Image LTD reunion, but his query was met with several racial slurs from a jeering entourage. Words quickly escalated to blows and both Kaiser Chiefs lead singer Ricky Wilson and Fouls singer Yannis Phillippakis jumped into the fray.

Note to Johnny Rotten: there’s nothing groundbreaking or anti-establishment about being a racist. If you want to fight someone for being a douche bag, fine, but don’t do it because of skin color. That’s pathetic, close-minded, and fucking foolish.

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