If members of the Jackson family are good at one thing, other than music and arguing with each other, it’s changing their minds. A full three years after Michael Jackson died, four of his siblings have suddenly decided to challenge his will, and a few days after saying she was devastated by temporarily losing guardianship over her grandchildren to TJ Jackson, Katherine Jackson has apparently decided she might not want to be the only one in charge.

According to TMZ, Katherine and TJ have largely split responsibilities over the past few years, and the matriarch is now okay with the law reflecting that. On paper, that sounds like it would be in everyone’s best interests, but in reality, many are now wondering if the eighty-two-year-old should be stripped off her rights permanently.

By most accounts, Jackson was a pretty decent guardian from when her son Michael died until July 15. On that date, Katherine took a flight to the Southwest United States and abruptly stopped communicating with Paris, Prince and Blanket. She didn’t answer their phone calls or reach out to offer any instructions. She just vanished, reportedly without letting any of the grandkids know where she was going.

On the one hand, you could say this was an isolated incident, and someone’s worst ten days should not be used to take away her claim to parenthood. On the other hand, normal, loving people don’t just abandon children without so much as an I love you call before bed.

More than likely, Katherine is going the shared route because she’s been told her behavior lost her any shot of having solo custody again. TJ is reportedly on board; so, the deal will get done very shortly. The question is whether it should.

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Should Katherine Jackson Have Any Say In The Kids' Lives?

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