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3 Commercials That Inspire You To Live Life With Technology

Within the last month three huge technology companies have released inspirational ads. Not just tug at the heartstring affairs, either. These are about how technology is affected our world, and our personal lives. There’s nothing new about the idea, as companies often try to get us to believe we need to have whatever gadget or gizmo they’re selling.

Cheerios Actor Responds To Backlash Over Commercial's Interracial Family

Last week, Cheerios made headlines for the backlash the General Mills cereal received over an ad they ran that featured an interracial family. Negative comments posted on the commercial's YouTube page caused Cheerios to shut the comments down, but the controversy offered a bit more attention to the ad, and many people stepped up to support the commercial. One of the stars of the ad - actor Charles Malik Whitfield - has responded to the controversy...

Cheerios Commercial Prompts Backlash Over Interracial Family

Cheerios' new commercial "Just Checking" has nothing to do with racial issues. At least, not any more than any other commercial that happens to feature people of any ethnicity. But it does happen to feature a interracial family and that has reportedly prompted enough negative reactions from YouTubers to cause the heart-healthy cereal brand to disabled the comments feature on the YouTube page.

Funny: Dove Real Beauty Sketches Parody Video Shows Male Self-Perception

Following up on the excellent and emotional Dove campaign, which has women describing themselves for a sketch artist and then seeing the noticeable contrast between their own description and the image created from another person's point of view, comes a parody video that performs the same experiment on men. As you'll see in the video, their pictures turn out to be very different too, but not in the way you might think.

Right Now: Crystal Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial Turns Twenty

Every year, the Super Bowl delivers a fresh set of commercials to the airwaves, some more memorable than others. Twenty years ago, an advertisement for a new product debuted at Super Bowl XVII, and decades later, I still can't hear the song featured without thinking of the product being advertised, which just goes to show how effective a good advertising campaign can be. I am referring to Crystal Pepsi, the clear cola.

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