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Apparently Strawberries On Pizza Is A Thing, And Some People Aren't Having It

The Internet once thought pineapple pizza was controversial, but that was long before it met strawberry pizza.

Disneyland To Offer A $15,000 Dinner Experience

Disneyland is offering its guests a meal fit for true royalty... if they have the cash.

The Only Two Foods Mariah Carey Will Basically Eat Right Now

You're not going to find a whole lot of variety in Mariah Carey's kitchen. The star admitted that she's on a diet that only allows her to eat two foods!

Why Toblerone Changed Its Shape, And Fans Aren't Happy About It

Toblerone just got a major makeover, and chocolate lovers are not happy about it.

A Woman In San Jose Ordered Chicken Wings, Received A Wad Of Cash Instead

A woman in San Jose ordered chicken wings from her local Domino's, but instead was delivered thousands of dollars in cash.

Should Restaurant Tipping Be Banned? This Video Makes A Case

Should tipping be banned? College Humor's Adam Conover makes a case for it in this video, which has him explaining the origins and reasons behind tipping your waiter, and questioning whether or not it's time for the practice to die out...

Panera Bread Pledges Cleaner Ingredients, Menu Transparency And Fewer Additives

Those looking for a fast food alternative to salty fried goodness may have already been making regular visits to Panera Bread. Whether it's to pick up some coffee or a delicious pastry, or to try one of their soups, salads and sandwiches, the establishment has plenty of options. And these options aren't nearly as unhealthy as some of the other fast food chain offerings.

Watch Gluten-Free Dieters Try To Explain What Gluten Is For Jimmy Kimmel

While some people are legitimately allergic to gluten -- or at the very least, have an intolerance to the protein -- others may have adopted the gluten-free diet in an effort to stick with the latest healthy-living trend. Recently, Jimmy Kimmel sought to expose some fad dieters and healthy-living fanatics for their lack of knowledge about what gluten actually is.

 60 Regional Foods You Only Eat There, And Sometimes Not Even Then

Mental Floss has sixty regional foods that you should not eat anywhere else; no exceptions. On this list you’ll notice there is no middle ground on these traditional dishes. You will see each and either say gross or delicious, I guarantee it.

Picky Eaters Probably Wouldn't Survive Exctinction

I have to say that I am an extremely picky eater. To all the food servers of the world, I'm sorry in advance for my crazy orders. Turns out that my terrible eating habits might have negative consequences if there is ever a food apocalypse. Scientists studied everyone's favorite four legged creatures to learn how diet is linked to survival.

You're More Likely To Get Sick At A Restaurant Than In Your Own Kitchen

One of my favorite memories as a kid was sitting down to home cooked food by my mom or grandma after a long day at school or playing outside. Flash forward about a decade and as close as I get to cooking is microwaving a frozen pizza. My diet, like many people in their 20s, has a hell of a lot of fast food and take out. But maybe there's a reason to skip dining out besides the high price and calorie count.

How McDonald's Actually Makes Their McNuggets

Food myths abound on the internet, and in life. Everyone has theories and “did you hear?” exclamations about a bountiful amount of misinformation. McDonald’s, being the biggest fast food chain, is the target of many of these claims. Some are true, some are trueish, and some are just false.

Woman Makes $9,000 a Month Eating Food In Front of a Webcam

Are you having difficulty finding a job in this economy? Perhaps you should move to the other side of the world and eat meals in front of a computer. That’s what one South Korean woman does, making up to $9,000 a month from strangers watching her eat food.

Bananas And Ham Hollandaise And Other Gross Foods People Used to Eat

Before the world went crazy for quinoa and grass-fed beef and anything else with the label “organic” on it, folks ate a ton junk food, because a) food science wasn’t all that sophisticated back then, and b) it was absolutely delicious––well, most of it was.

McDonald's Plans Move To Sustainable Beef Practices By 2016

While the move has to be seen as a positive, it should be noted that there’s no real consensus on what it means to be sustainable beef. SoMcDonald’s has turned to the Global Conference on Sustainable Beef to help research what can be qualified as sustainable. What the group decides as it begins to analyze the issue on a global scale will undoubtedly be dubious. Members include meat packing giant Cargill and Wal-Mart.

Burger King Rolls Out New Lower Calorie French Fries

Trends in fast food have added healthier items to the menu in the last few years, with fresh fruit, yogurt and more being added to fast food menus. The staples of the fast food diet are still mostly burgers and fries, though, so instead of steering kids toward apple slices as a side dish, Burger King is taking the unlikely route of trying to make the company’s French fries healthier in order to entice new users.

Most British Children Don't Know Where Tuna Comes From

There’s a reason nine-year-olds aren’t typically on trivia game shows, and that reason is, on the whole, they’re pretty stupid. With only partially formed brains and way less total years of accruing knowledge under their belts, they just can’t compete with even reasonably intelligent adults, let alone well-educated ones. For evidence of that, look no further than a recent study in which one thousand British children between the ages of 7 and 11 were asked a series of food-related questions. Not surprisingly, they didn’t do so well.

Whoops: Whole Foods Mistakenly Labels Chicken Curry Salad As Vegan Curry Salad

Personally, I like both the vegan and chicken salad; so, if this had happened to me, I wouldn’t be too bent out of shape about the mix-up. However, if you find out you’ve purchased the wrong curry salad in those locations and aren’t alright with the purchase, you can return the salad for a full refund.

People Order Less Food When They Know How Much Exercise It'll Take To Burn Off

Researchers at Texas Christian University have found that study participants given food menus displaying the amount a person would need to exercise in order to work off food eaten will eat less. The study was conducted by graduate student Ashlei James, which were published this month in the FASEB journal.

Man Submits His Letter Of Resignation On A Cake

There's nothing quite as sweet as submitting a resignation letter because you're leaving to pursue your dream job. And yet, somehow Chris Holmes managed to find something just a little bit sweeter. The British baking enthusiast submitted the above resignation letter - neatly printed atop a cake - as a means of announcing his departure from his job at Stansted Airport and plugging his cake business in the process.

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