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U2 Album Songs Of Innocence Just Released And You Probably Already Own It

U2 has a new album, and if you have an iTunes account, you already own it. Apple dropped a few big pieces of news today, including the unveiling of the "bigger than bigger" iPhone 6, the anticipated Watch and the news that not only has U2 dropped a brand new album, titled Songs of Innocence, but it's already in the iTunes libraries of all 500 million+ iTunes customers worldwide, just waiting to be downloaded (for free).

2013 iTunes Music Festival Kicks Off With Lady Gaga This Sunday

Music fans might want to block off the month of September, as the iTunes Festival returns in a matter of days, kicking off 30 consecutive nights of free shows this Sunday, which will be viewable for free via iTunes. The first artist to perform at London's Roundhouse for the festival is Lady Gaga, whose concert is scheduled for this Sunday night (September 1). Check out the full schedule and find out how you can watch ahead.

25 Billion: iTunes Crosses Download Milestone

Apple hit a huge milestone on Wednesday when the company reached its 25 billionth iTunes song sold. Launched a little less than a decade ago, the download service will officially turn ten in April and continues to get more and more popular.

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