Former American Pie star Tara Reid is now a wife. The much-discussed actress announced her engagement over the weekend and then promptly got married in Greece almost immediately afterwards. Whether that was the plan all along or the byproduct of one too many shots of Ouzo is anyone’s guess. Regardless, Reid and her husband both said their I do’s. His name is Zack Keyahov, and he reportedly met Reid while on vacation in St. Tropez back in November. Yes, that means they’ve known each other less than a year, but the lack of history together shouldn’t come as any surprise. There was very little about these nuptials that was traditional.

Case and point: Reid’s wedding dress. It looks like something a twenty-two year old home from college might wear to a farmer’s market. The ensemble features a white hippy skirt, bare midriff, a white top and a white sweater. Take a look at the picture below courtesy of Life & Style

I’m far from a rigid personality. If you want to wear a cream dress to your wedding, I’ll give you a thumbs up. If the groomsmen want to strut in flashy, borderline stupid ties, I can even get on board there, but I’m not sure any part of me is comfortable with a wedding dress that exposes the belly button. It just mocks the seriousness of the commitment that’s about to be made. My opinion is far from the only one though. I’ve read several places where people have been defending the free-spirited wedding. What do you think? Rate Tara’s outfit choice by voting in the poll below…

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