I understand that no one is above the law, but when you have an old timer like Willie Nelson, a drug paraphernalia misdemeanor charge seem a little redundant. The folk singer was picked up in a pot bust last year in Texas and a decision was finally made on the case this week.

TMZ says the judge fined the singer and perennial High Times cover model $500 and included a provision that Willie be on his best behavior for 30 days. Nelson's lawyer, Joe Turner, is a respected "weed" lawyer who got Nelson acquitted for another pot charge back in 1994. Texas either loves him or hates him depending on the district. Snoop Dog, on the other hand, is always on Willie Nelson's side.

Essentially, the judge told Willie Nelson to be mellow for a month and not get caught. I think he can do that. The singer was the star attraction of the South by Southwest Film Festival with the premiere of The King of Luck, a documentary lovingly directed by Billy Bob Thornton. Nelson's got plenty reason to keep on rocking and a lot of relieved fans waiting to see him back.

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