It seemed likely at some point disgruntled Tiger Woods fans would take it out on the man. He’s sucked at golf since his personal life went down the shitter and he janked up his swing in an attempt to make it more efficient. There have been grumbles and heckles galore since the changes, but nothing quite like the spectacle that went down Sunday at the Open in San Martin.

Woods was preparing to putt on the green at the 16th hole when a man burst out of the crowd and threw a hotdog in his general direction. Don’t worry, the hotdog was too far away to cause any serious damage. According to The Telegraph, if the hotdog did indeed have an effect, it was only to unnerve Woods enough to miss the birdie on hole 16.

Apparently the dude was drunk when he tossed the tube of meat onto the course, theb was arrested by tournament security, headed by Dan Diggins. A word to the weary: when you are drunk, a wiener dog might seem hilarious. Then again, if you’ve ever been to a golf tournament, event the hecklers look like classless assholes. Do you really want to be that jerk?

As Diggins understood, though, it could have been worse.
"It wasn't a chili dog - that could have been bad."

Woods might not have his act together on the homefront, and he may not have been playing up to par, but, at the end of the day, no one deserves the indignity of having a hotdog thrown at them.

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