Phish is a band that really needs to be seen live in order to appreciate the brand of jam music they make. The Trey Anastasio led band creates music that’s eclectic and long winded on its albums, but, when the group performs live their tunes come together as a whole to create a special experience that can be compared to the other great jam bands of this era like Widespread Panic, The String Cheese Incident, and even Blues Traveler. They were on a five year hiatus until 2009. They've been touring since, but in a recent interview with Rolling Stone Anastasio explained his plans for a new album.

To be recorded in December of this year, the Phish leader mused: “We want to get together in the winter and start working on something new. What that thing is undefined, and we're keeping it that way on purpose. We just want to get together and see where it goes.” This is great news, they haven’t came out with an album since 2009’s Joy which still saw the band as a jazz-fusion, jam band outfit, but their new endeavor saw untouched influences escape from their music. What their new album will sound like is still up in the air, but it's exciting nonetheless.

Overall I could not be more excited to report on Phish. Even though their albums are lackluster with me, I still enjoy their live shows very much. I’m not the only one either. In their 28 years of existence, they’ve headlined music festivals, curated their own festivals, and even created their own festival dedicated to the special form of music that only Phish can make, performing 2 or even 3 times throughout the weekend. If you've never seen them live, then it’s about time that you check them out. Here’s a performance from Phish that holds a special place in my ears:

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