I'll level with you, today's tweets are fairly boring and uninteresting. As such, I included several tweets that should at least cause you to chuckle -- if not to actually laugh out loud. For instance, everything that Donnie Wahlberg tweets looks like it should be put on an ironic motivational poster; but he's completely serious. Yoko Ono killed the Beatles, but she does nothing but spew pseudo-inspirational nonsense (she'll also be playing at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend, FYI). It's Twitter accounts like these that turn people off of the platform to begin with, but as Buster Olney says, today will be better than yesterday.

Donnie Wahlberg
Walk forward today! Walk forward with purpose! With love! Without fear of judgement or hatred! Walk forward toward the rest of your life!

Donnie Wahlberg
Today- Remember that you're not the only person in the world who has a vote! An opinion! A say so! Even if you think your view is the best!

Stephen Fry
On my way to the ball looking more or less a total tit. Sure everyone else will be so elegant but I resemble a music hall drunk act. Hm.

Yoko Ono
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Look at yourself in the mirror and dont be afraid to notice how beautiful you are.

Penn Jillette
Today Teller gets dunked into a tank full of piranha. I have to put on make-up and read teleprompter. From each according to his abilities.

Jim Gaffigan
If you complain about my “day-old baby” tweets, you may be blocked. Not by me, but by my 4-day-old baby. He’s no joke.

Diablo Cody
Now I'm going to work. I like pretending like I'm Dorothy Jane Torkelson and Twitter is my "man in the moon." I can tell you anything.

Stephen Colbert
Barack Obama silenced a crying baby just by holding it. It's the same technique he uses on Biden.

Danny DeVito
Hitting the Philly streets wit the gang. Peace to all you Bitches

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