Every game has its own unique code of sportsmanship. From maintaining checks and balances in hockey through fighting to moving your feet after a guy shoots to prevent ankle injuries in basketball, the rules, both written and unwritten, have evolved over the decades to address conduct in almost every situation. That being said, everyone doesn’t always follow those rules or behave appropriately, especially with wins and loses on the line.

A little more than a year ago, a soccer match overseas turned into a beautiful essay on winning under the right circumstances when a player passed up an almost wide open net and kicked the ball out of bounds because the goaltender was injured. The resulting footage was quickly uploaded to YouTube, but it wasn’t widely discovered until recently when it started being shared at an incredible rate. Now, it stands at more than two million views and that figure seems likely to grow exponentially in the coming weeks.

If nothing else, this video is a great reminder of how small the world truly is nowadays. In just the past few weeks, I’ve covered a man waking up at his own funeral in Africa, a dog fishing a Frisbee out of a pool in Germany and footage of London shot in 1927. There is no corner of the globe not at least a little amazing in its own way.

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