Think about the greatest parallel park job you’ve ever executed. Think about that shit-eating grin you got on your face and the pride you felt after wedging into that tiny spot. However difficult that move might have been, I can guarantee it paled in comparison to the craziness Ronny Wechselberger pulled off earlier this month.

With the people from Guinness World Records on hand, the seasoned parker put his vehicle into reverse and rapidly wedged into a tiny space with just thirty-five centimeters to spare. Take a look at his impressive accomplishment below…

I get eventually progressing to the point where you’re really, amazingly good at the traditional parallel park, but how does one even discover he or she is great at reverse parallel parking from this angle? Is this what incredible drivers do to challenge themselves once the standard parallel park has become too easy? I’m very comfortable with my parallel parking skills, but at no point have I ever considered intentionally making the process more difficult in order to prove my competence.

Pop Blend sends out its congratulations to Wechselberger for earning the world record. There might be plenty of other pursuits that are sexier or that generate more headlines, but I’m not sure there are any that are more down to earth impressive.

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