We really have no idea what Robert Pattinson has been doing since the news went public about Kristen Stewart's affair with Rupert Sanders and, according to tabloid reports, Stewart ended their relationship. Has he been crying into a pint of ice cream? Has he been hitting the two with as many guy friends as he can round up? Whatever he's been doing he's managed to stay out of the public eye, which seems like a smart move for anyone in an awkward personal situation. But he could only lay low for so long-- his new movie, Cosmopolis, comes to theaters this week, and to promote it he sat down with Jon Stewart to talk about…. well, see for yourself in the video below.

It's hard to imagine anyone other than Stewart getting away with addressing his personal life so up front, or simply handing him a pint of ice cream as a way to address… well, everything. Pattinson obviously didn't reveal a whole lot about his personal life, nor did he have to-- it's nice just to see him out in public and appearing to laugh things off. Because, dammit, the guy is in his mid-20s and he's a Hollywood star. A breakup is hard, but it doesn't mean the end of his life, and Pattinson getting out there and smiling seems to say just that. Also, that it's high time for him to hire a publicist. He really should have done that a while ago.

The thing is, Pattinson is actually really good in Cosmopolis, though it's unclear if any of his devoted Twilight fan base will bother to see him in it-- his other small non-Twilight films, like Remember Me and Bel Ami, haven't done so hot. And if you like the relaxed Pattinson you see on the Daily Show couch, don't necessarily expect that in Cosmopolis-- it's a much darker and stranger movie than you're expecting, unless you're familiar with the work of its director, David Cronenberg. But if you want to see a revealing Pattinson performance that proves he's got a lot more talent that has nothing to do with Twilight, it's definitely worth a look.

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