Dogs are typically pretty enthusiastic creatures. If you bring up going for a walk, they’ll beat you to the door. If you bring up bacon, they’ll wag their tails and stand next to the oven. If nothing else, they just want to be a member of the family and in on the occasion, except once in a blue moon when all they want to do is get some damn sleep.

The above video, uploaded by DSLetmein2012 features the YouTuber’s dog Jaz and her almost drunken, otherworldly tiredness. There is nothing she wants to do more than lay in her bed and snooze for a few more minutes, but unfortunately, that doesn’t align with her owner’s schedule. He really wants to get a move on and go for a walk. So, he grabs his video camera and records his efforts to wake Jaz up. She resists over and over again, but eventually, she realizes she’s beaten and shakes herself out of the funk and into her day.

If this happened to a human being, the person would likely be pissed off for the entire day. Collectively, we don’t do very well when we don’t get enough shuteye, and we do even worse when we’re woken up by someone who demands we get a move on, as my wife just proved a few hours ago. I’m supremely confident this dog, however, snapped out of it almost immediately and had a damn good time on that walk. With resiliency, determination and most of all, an almost pathological need to have fun, dogs are far more interested in maximizing every moment, as opposed to carrying grudges, which is why it’s hard to fault this owner for getting the animal in gear when he knew she’d have a damn good time anyway.

From falling in the pool to racing deer to carrying around sticks, people are typically excited about watching dogs do almost anything. In fact, catching your pet in a rather humorous moment is one of the easiest ways to be someone random and generate a huge viral hit. Other than this video about Jaz, the owner has only put up three total videos. None of the others have gotten more than three thousand likes; yet, magically, this one seems on its way to top one million.

Since it’s Humpday and we could all use a laugh, you can check out another great dog video below. Here’s a dude and his best friend sharing a banana…

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