Willie Nelson may have thought he would be a lot of things throughout his life, including rolled up and smoked after his death, but as it turns out, the 78 year-old didn't need to pass on to the other side to wind up with a lasting tribute. During yesterday’s 4/20 celebration, the country singer hung out in Texas before unveiling his own statue.

Austin, Texas is a town known for its music scene as well as its multitude of festivals. Between the city’s love for music and Willie Nelson’s own ties with the community, it stands to reason Austin would want to give back, and giving back to the musician is just what the city did. Three years ago, sculptor Clete Shields was commissioned to sculpt Nelson in a bronze endeavor that would eventually result in 8 feet of metal weighing over a ton.

The musician and songwriter actually attended the debut of the statue, which shows Nelson with a big smile, holding a guitar. According to KENS 5 news, the statue was revealed to over a thousand fans and passerbys at 4:30 p.m., after which Nelson himself treated those gathered to a few tunes. It may seem a little strange for a musician to get his own statue and then actually show up for that statue’s release, but for Austin, it is just another day in the neighborhood. I’m sure the city would not have it any other way.

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