Whenever a band is inducted to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, an invitation is sent to the honored members inviting them to perform. Frequently, the soon to be enshrined band split years prior to the ceremony, but more often than not, the musicians put their differences aside and play a few songs for the sake of their fans, nostalgia and perhaps most importantly, each other. Grudges are always best settled, especially when between people who once worked together to create something special.

There’s a very real chance that Guns N’ Roses may be privileged with a selection into the Hall of Fame this year, or in the next few. After all, the group inspired scores of future musicians and its debut remains the highest selling first album in the history of the United States. With over sixty million records sold and more than several songs still garnering regular airplay, Guns N’ Roses may not have lived up to its lofty potential, but the band still had a damn good career. The members deserve their moments in the sun, but whether they’ll be able to put aside their feuds is another matter entirely.

According to The Sun-Times, lead singer Axl Rose once said the only contact he’d like to have with Slash would be ambushing him. The original guitarist has been much nicer about the situation in recent months, but he’s still said he hasn’t the slightest idea what would happen if they all were put into the same room.

I would love to see Guns N’ Roses back onstage, even for just twenty minutes, but like bassist Duff McKagan who recently said he wished the Hall would give them ten more years to work out personal issues, I’m not holding out much hope. Still, people react unexpectedly when hit with happy news, and an induction ceremony could bring the guys back together.

What do you think? Would Guns N’ Roses reunite for the Hall of Fame?

Would GNR Reunite For Hall Of Fame Ceremony?

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