Running back Michael Goodson signed with the New York Jets during the off-season with hopes of winning a job as the team’s principal ball carrier, but thanks to an off-the-field incident, he hasn’t exactly the made the best impression on his new club. This morning, the twenty-five-year-old was arrested by New Jersey police officers after they allegedly discovered him in the passenger seat of a vehicle drunk as a skunk with a bunch of weed and a loaded handgun.

According to TMZ, both Goodson and the unidentified passenger were reportedly so hammered they had to be taken to the hospital for treatment before they could be transported to the station and formally booked for a litany of crimes including possession of hollow-point bullets. Authorities haven’t formally announced the laundry list of charges each man will likely face, but one would imagine they will be more than colorful enough to get the attention of both the Jets and the powers that be over at the league office.

Over the past few years, the NFL has worked very hard to be an accepting and inclusive place and to appeal to wide variety of potential viewers. As part of that push, however, executives have really started cracking down on behavioral problems of individual players. From suspensions to massive fines, many different tactics have been used, and if even a portion of this story is true, Goodson will definitely get at least a really vicious slap on the wrist.

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