Most gossip outlets may have been as surprised as the general public earlier this week when rumors of a Zac Efron cocaine problem emerged, but after their initial doubletake, journalists on the ground have been working overtime to try and secure as much information about what the hell happened as possible. Turns out this mess allegedly wasn’t nearly as out of nowhere as it initially seemed. In fact, Efron reportedly got treatment for cocaine on two separate occasions.

According to TMZ, Efron’s issues with cocaine and Molly began two years ago. He reportedly got a new group of friends, started having problems with his parents and plunged into the drug scene. In March, he reportedly left California and got intensive in-patient treatment at an unknown facility out of state. A month later, he returned to shoot Neighbors, but his new-found sobriety allegedly didn’t last. There were problems on the set related to unreliability and erratic behavior, and long story short, he allegedly started receiving outpatient care as soon as it wrapped.

Efron himself hasn’t spoken publically about his supposed issues with drugs, but everyone seems to agree he’s actually doing a whole lot better. He reportedly gave most of the bad influences in his life the boot, and he has some fascinating projects on tap. Hopefully, something he does in the near future will remind audiences just how talented and capable he is an actor.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to Efron and his entire family during this time of need. Navigating the rough waters of fame isn’t an easy voyage. The highs are extremely high and the lows are extremely low. Add in all the enablers and hangers-on around Hollywood, and it’s easy for a star to take a few steps backwards. Hopefully, Efron will focus on what’s important and continue to make forward progress everyday.

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