Zoe Saldana may have become extremely good at faking intoxicated car accidents during her time on the set of Colombiana, but it turns out when real car crashes do come up, she would rather play the hero. The 33 year-old actress recently witnessed an accident that left its elderly victim shaken and bloodied. Instead of driving by, Saldana offered multiple efforts in support.

The star was driving in Culver City, California on Wednesday when she witnessed a car accident. Which is a little crazy in itself. How often do people actually witness an injury-inducing car accident? A fender bender maybe, but generally when any big accident happens, the average person is stuck two miles down the road in slow moving traffic. Anyway, according to Today, Saldana saw the bad crash and did her civic duty and stopped. She and another passerby then pulled an elderly lady out of her car, helped her to find a seat on the curb, and called an ambulance.

At that point, basic civic duty is done. Saldana did better than that, though. She helped the woman get her belongings out of the vehicle and she then helped her to speak to police and firefighting teams who showed up on the scene. I’m sure the actress had a busy day ahead of her, but she put it out of the way to tend to one very small but very important task. Sometimes the least we could all do is not the best we can do, and if anything, Saldana’s actions make a good point about how far we should all be willing to go to help an absolute stranger.

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