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Resident Evil was an unexpectedly fun movie where there ought to have been a steaming pile of crap. After all it was directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, a man known primarily for creating cinematic train wrecks (Soldier) and bad movies based on uninspired video games (Mortal Kombat). By all rights, that is exactly what Resident Evil ought to have been… and thus Anderson of course seemed perfect for the job. But, whether by accident or design, Resident Evil actually shocked us all and weirdly enough turned out to be pretty good.

This isn’t a review of that movie flawed and fun though it was. We’re talking Resident Evil: Apocalypse, another upcoming sequel to a mildly successful film, which in a less sequel hungry era probably wouldn’t be on a fast track to existence. One thing to note is that this was originally going to be titled Resident Evil: Nemesis, but after the mega-flop of Star Trek: Nemesis, it looks like they’ve been wise enough to stay far far away from anything associated with that name. As for actual content, the only thing we have to sink our teeth into so far is a pretty nifty teaser, easily mistaken for a cosmetic commercial.

At a time when the amount of advertising and previews being crammed in before movies seems to be growing exponentially, if you want anyone to pay attention to what you are selling, general wisdom is that you should do something tacky or flashy to stand out. The folks in the Resident Evil 2 trailer department have decided to take the opposite direction and have instead disguised their movie trailer as an innocuous commercial for miracle cosmetics. If you aren’t paying attention, you might not even notice that this commercial makes impossible claims about reversing aging and that the corporation pushing it just happens to be the Umbrella Corporation. Yes, the same Umbrella Corporation which wreaked so much havoc on Milla Jovovich in the original Resident Evil. Pretty effective actually. Not a teaser trailer anyone is likely to forget… assuming the audience realizes what it is. Those who don’t probably aren’t smart enough to figure out how to buy tickets, so why bother advertising to idiots.

The teaser/cosmetic commercial turns ugly at the end, and its true purpose becomes clear. We get a quick flash of Jovovich standing in a deserted street, pumping her shotgun and preparing to kick some zombie ass. Why is she standing in a deserted street? Because Resident Evil: Apocalypse picks up right where the original left off. After narrowly escaping the lab incident in Raccoon Forest, Alice (Jovovich) wakes up in the middle of Raccoon City, now inhabited entirely by zombies. She picks up a few survivors, including a backup hottie named Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) and an obligatory ethnic guy (Oded Fehr). Ring any bells? Apparently RE2 is taking a few cues from 2003’s British indie hit, 28 Days Later.

Since this second movie is also written by Paul Anderson, don’t be surprised by a lack of originality. The first one treaded in the realm of rip-off quite comfortably too. Despite that, the formula worked, the movie was fun. Picking up right where the other first left off means that it’ll be easy for the returning Resident Evil team to just keep on rolling. Losing some of the characters who didn’t make it out of the first film will hurt them (the always underused Michelle Rodriguez in particular) but Jovovich doesn’t need to be much of an actress to pull this off alone. Fortunate because Milla is more of a model than an actress isn’t she? For Zombie movies, it is actually more important that she know how to look cool holding a shotgun and be really really hot. With that as a criteria, Resident Evil: Apocalypse should rock.

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