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I am so sick and tired of talking about how much I love Pixar. Seriously guys, give me a break. Do you know how boring it is searching through my thesaurus to find new words I can substitute for "perfect"? Here's my latest one: indefectible. Not sure that really works. How about we just go with incredible, which strangely enough happens to be the title of the next Pixar success, The Incredibles.

The tough thing about Incredibles is that Pixar is making us wait!! The trailer is out now, but we have to wait a long long time. till Incredibles takes off November 5, 2004, following the CGI animated exploits of what can only be described as a superhero couch potato. At least that's what I can tell from the very sparse but completely hilarious teaser Pixar is now shopping around in theaters and on the web this summer.

The film is called The Incredibles but in the teaser we only see Mr. Incredible, one of the family of superheroes this film is about. There he stands: heroic, brave, fat, balding, and unable to fit into those tight tight pants. But in the teaser, when the call goes out for Mr. Incredible, he puts all his superhero might into getting on his tights. After all, you can't fight crime in your underpants.

That's pretty much the trailer. Superheroes and underpants. Short but effective. The new thing for Pixar is that this is their first foray into using human characters. Well, super-human at least. There'll be no fish or ants or talking Mr. Potatoheads to fall back on here. Pixar is taking on the biggest challenge in CGI filmmaking: The human figure. However, they at least realize that CGI is not up to the task of making realistic looking people. Final Fantasy, beautiful though it was, proved that. Instead, for The Incredibles they've gone cartoony. The trick will be maintaining the maturity typical of their movies, without getting totally kiddied with their cartoonish new characters.

But as if being a Pixar movie wasn't enough to guarantee success, the guy helming it is Brad Bird. No, he's not Big Bird's gay cousin. Brad Bird is the brilliant mind behind the best traditionally animated film of the past few years, The Iron Giant. He?s both written and directed The Incredibles his first foray into the magical world of CGI. The voice cast has not yet been announced, but if the past is any judge, Pixar's choices will be indefectible.

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