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A remake of the classic 1933 movie. It's the story of a film crew discovering a gigantic ape on a savage island filled with prehistoric creatures. They capture the gargantuan ape creature (called Kong by the natives) and take him back to civilization and captivity.

I don’t have a problem with remaking King Kong, after all the original movie was done in the 30s. It’s a monster film, which means it’s more about effects than performances. Effects have gotten better, so I’m all for seeing what today’s movie industry can do with it. Why not? What I don’t get is why Peter Jackson is the man doing it.

Jackson is on record as the world’s biggest fan of the original film. Yes, he’s an even bigger fan than Harry Knowles, who uses Kong as the tacky wallpaper background for his heavily trafficked website. The 1930’s King Kong is without a doubt Peter Jackson’s all time favorite film. So why would he want to remake it? I can’t imagine wanting to remake any of my favorites, Star Wars or Rear Window for instance. I love those movies because for me, they’re absolutely perfect and the history I have with them means they hold a special place of respect in my dusty, creaky head. To me, remaking those films would be the height of disrespect, I would never presume to think I could improve upon them. Does Peter Jackson think he can do it better?

It’s just an odd dynamic. I have no doubt that his King Kong will be a fantastic film. After wasting years making irrelevant and cheesy splatter flicks, Jackson more than proved his big-budget filmmaking mettle on Lord of the Rings. King Kong by comparison should be a snap. And because he loves the material it’ll no doubt be treated with respect and care. He’s not going to settle for crap. Still, why is he doing it? I just don’t get it.

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