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The twisted killer from the first film is back and up to his old tricks. This time he traps eight strangers in a room and forces them to play his sick games.

Saw's the movie that made people hate the great Cary Elwes, and that's a pisser. But apparently some of you liked it enough for Lion's Gate to think you'll go back for a sequel, so get ready for Saw II.

I’m having a really hard time believing all that many people really liked it, but the first movie was made on the cheap and thus easily turned a tidy profit. Lions Gate, like any good, patriotic, capitalist company wants more of that to line their pockets.

The premise remains basically the same. Jigsaw, the killer from the previous film is still running around ensnaring people in grizzly traps. In Saw II he’s being investigated by the poor man’s Marky Mark, Donnie Wahlberg as Eric Mason a detective in the middle his killing spree. Because this is a sequel, they’ve got to give us more. Last time it was two people trapped in a room, this time it is eight strangers. All are unaware of their connection to one another and must play out Jigsaw’s twisted games if they want to keep on breathing.

It’s interesting to note that only half of the writing team responsible for the first flick has jumped on board for the second. Saw II’s script is credited in part to Leigh Wannell, but his partner James Wan received only a cursory Executive Producer credit on this film. Instead, it’s co-written by its director Darren Lynn Bousman. You may remember him from such films as Identity Lost and Butterfly Dreams. Yeah… me either. Low budget means tidy profit for Lions Gate. Looks like they’ll get it.

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