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A young girl named Jeliza-Rose is transported to her grandparents' farm following her mother's drug overdose. Once there, she embarks on a fantastic voyage into a world of bog men and disembodied Barbie heads.

Gilliam apologists: Get ready for his next failure. Hey, don't feel bad, a few months ago I was right there with you. His movies fail because the studios are out to get him! Or better still… it's that rat bastard God! He has it in for him! Time to face it. A lot of Gilliam's movies fail not because of some outside influence, but because of him.

This one, the more I see of it, looks less and less like another 12 Monkeys and more and more like a shudder-worthy do-over of The Brothers Grimm or worse Baron Munchausen.

You're so frustrating Terry. When he's good, he's really good. But when he's bad, he's really bad. Ultimately though, maybe he's been horribly overrated. Is Brazil really that good? Maybe if you're dropping acid. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas requires similar drug enhancement to make sense out of. 12 Monkeys is undeniably great, as is The Fisher King. But then there's Time Bandits. Come on guys, I know midgets were great as kids, but what else does this movie really have going for it? It's all nostalgia.

Tideland may make facing up to the overhype on Gilliam at last. If the film is half as bad as the trailers make it look, he (and those of us forced to see it) may be in trouble. The movie has already been passed over by most distributors. At this rate, it may never even get released. It still doesn’t have a date.

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