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Everyone’s had a painful parting of the ways with a romantic partner. We pick up the pieces and move on. But for one New York guy, it’s not going to be so easy. When he breaks up with his girlfriend, he discovers his ex is actually the reluctant superhero, G-Girl. A scorned woman, she unleashes her super powers to humiliate and torment him. MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND stars Uma Thurman as Jenny Johnson, aka G-Girl and Luke Wilson as Matt Saunders, her beleaguered boyfriend. Anna Faris is Hannah, Matt's co-worker. Rainn Wilson is Vaughn, Matt's best friend and Eddie Izzard is Professor Bedlam, G-Girl’s arch nemesis.

Uma Thurman came close to playing a superhero in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill saga, but now she’s throwing on a cape in earnest for Ivan Reitman’s My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

What makes this superhero movie any different from all the other ones we’ve been inundated with? This time, the superhero genre is being applied to relationships. It’s a superhero movie for women, as evidenced by the flowery pink writing on the poster and the trailer’s tendency towards the lauding of girl power. Most women don’t really care that Superman can punch through brick walls, they’re more interested in whether or not he’ll kiss Lois. My Super Ex-Girlfiend trims out all the action movie fat and turns the entire thing into an exercise in relationship exploration.

Estrogen pressed relationship movies aren’t exactly what Ex-Girlfriend director Ivan Reitman is known for though, after all he’s the director of Ghost Busters. So relax guys, expect that touchy feely stuff to be tempered with ectoplasm as Uma’s super hero girlfriend from hell tortures Luke Wilson.

After a string of misses like Evolution and Six Days Seven Nights, Reitman could use a hit. For the sake of whatever is left of his fading reputation, let’s hope this one is it.

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